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Toshinori Muto as one of Host Pro shows frustration after plunging at tied to 14th finish

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As one of the elder Host Pro, Toshinori Muto spoke out his frustration with the bogey on his last hole. He finished with 1 over par at tied to 14th, which was the highest among the Host Pros, but he was very disappointed by the score.

He made an eagle on 3rd and got himself on a rising tempo, but it was stopped with the 2 consecutive bogeys on 8 and 9th.

"I think my game is getting better, but I can't make it when I need to aim it."

Same said for the final 18th. He aimed for a birdie finish, but the turnout was opposite. His tee shot was caught in left side bunker, and his second shot was again caught in the right-side guard bunker. He couldn't make the long par saving putt and that was the deal.
"I had good start but couldn't hold on to it. This shows that I don't have my A game yet. I haven't missed the cut this season, but I can't contend in the winner's circle either."

Toshinori has been with the Mizuno gear contract since 2014. This season 25 years old Ryuko Tokimatsu joined the Mizuno team.
"Players, gears and ball and course. Also including my physical fitness many things are changing rapidly."

The venue for the Mizuno Open has changed to "longest on the Tour",The Royal Golf Club since last year.
"There was nothing like over 8000 yards on the Tour. I am amazed to see so many players hit it so long."

Toshinori is 41 years old this year and envies the young guns with power and new gear techniques supporting them.
"I am a bit behind on these changes, but I can't let it go yet. I would like to try to adjust to these changes and find my way to make some good results."

He hasn't been able to win since his 7th victory at 2015 season but he feels it's too early to get too old.
"I would like to show that I can still beat them."