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■Official Stats -
Prize Money List
(including International Majors)
Prize money list including money earned from international Majors
International Majors Prize Money List Prize money earned from Masters, US Open, The Open and US PGA Championship
Money Ranking
(Japan Golf Tour)
Money&Ranking not including Foreign Events (Japan Golf Tour Events Only)
Total Point Rankings Point Ranking gained from 9 Stats (which indicates Total Performance)
Scoring Average Scoring average: Average score per round (includes course rating)
Putting Average Putting average: Average of putts per hole (Only if it is on the greens in regulations)※ average per 18holes before 1991
Par or Better Par average: Probability of making Par or better
Greens in Regulation Greens in regulations: Probability of greens in regulations (includes one on, on par 4's and two on, on par 5's)
Birdies Average Birdie average: Number of birdies per round
Eagles Average Eagle average: Number of rounds per eagle
Driving Distance Average driving shot distance: Tee shots at two designated holes shall be measured.
Driving Accuracy Driving accuracy: Divide the number of fairways hit by the number of tee shots (except par 3 holes)
Sand Save Percentage Sand save percentage: The percent of time a player was able to make the hole 2 shots or less once in a greenside sand bunker
All-Around All-around: To select an all-around player by using the above stats ※Reference Stats before 2007
■Reference Stats -
Hole in One Hole in One Data
Albatross(Accumulating Total) Albatross Data
Scoring Average
(Before a Primary Cut)
Scoring average of 1st and 2nd Round total
Scoring Average(Round3) Scoring average of 3rd Round only
Scoring Average(Round4) Scoring average of 4th Round only
Scoring Average
(With No Adjustment Value Conversion)
Scoring average of total round
Putting Average(Round) Putting average: Average of putts per hole (Including the hole off the green)
Par3 Performance ± indications of Par 3
Par4 Performance ± indications of Par 4
Par5 Performance ± indications of Par 5
Eagles Number of eagles (excluding albatrosses)
Birdies Number of birdies (excluding eagles and albatrosses)
Controlling the Ball Total average of Greens in Regulation and Total Driving
Birdies Average(Par3) Number of Birdie on Par3
Birdies Average(Par4) Number of Birdie on Par4
Birdies Average(Par5) Number of Birdie on Par5
Birdies Average(Par on Hole) Number of birdie on the hole (Greens in Regulation)
Par Breakers Average Percentage of Birdie of better
Rate of 2 On in a Par 5 Percentage of striking 2nd shot on to the green on Par 5
Recovery Average Percentage of getting Par or better on hole miss the greens in regulation
Top10 Number of ranking Top 10 or tie ※Top 15 before 2004
All-Time Money List Cumulative prize money earned from Tour Tournaments and International Majors
■Periodical Reorder -
Fall Shuffle List

This fall shuffle list is rearranged in order of the official prize money earned from the Tour Tournaments.

Periodical Reorder List This re-ranking list is rearranged in order of the official prize money earned from the Tour Tournaments.
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