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Kansai Open Golf Championship 2022

Quayle’s blog: Finding form in Japan

Quayle’s blog: Finding form in Japan

In this latest blog from Kansai Open Golf Championship, Quayle talks about why playing in Japan appeals to him, his favourite food, and the city as he heads into the weekend rounds with a chance to make amends after missing the cut at the Token Homemate Cup, a fortnight ago.


By Antony Quayle


I didn’t have the best of starts at the Token Homemate Cup, missing the cut by just two shots, and that’s obviously part and parcel of being a professional golfer who competes week in and week out.


But the thing that matters is how you pick yourself up and respond following one bad week. It’s all about staying hungry, motivated and focused so that you remain on the right track in pursuing your goals.


I have played in Japan for a few seasons now since I started back in 2018. I got close to winning a couple of times, but I haven’t been able to get over the line. So, trying to win my first JGTO title is definitely one of the main targets I would like to accomplish this season.


Frankly, it’s already a blessing for us to be able to travel and compete again. The last couple of years have been really challenging. In Australia, Covid-19 restrictions were really strict, and we weren’t even allowed to leave our country for a long time.


We had an extended break from competitive golf, which is really challenging. However, one of the good things is that we got to live a little more normal than the usual lifestyle as we can be home a little bit more.


It also gave us a good opportunity to work on our game and become better golfers.


Most of us are eager to make up for lost time, and I’m no exception.


Before Covid-19 struck, I actually won a tournament in Australia and little did I know that I wouldn’t get to play another tournament for the next one year.


My form was really good, it was shaping up nicely, but I didn’t get to do anything for another year and a half.


But then my form now has been great again. I had a win and came second early this year in Australia, along with a few other good performances. My form is good now, and I’m feeling really confident with my game.


I’m really excited to be back in Japan. I just want to try to win here, not just about securing a breakthrough but to win multiple times. I’d probably play here for a large part of this season. 


What’s so appealing about playing in Japan? Japan is obviously a beautiful country. People are super friendly, the food is amazing, and for us geographically, it’s certainly more convenient.

Ideally, if everybody were asked to pick where they would love to be, they’d probably pick America because it’s the biggest tour in the world.


The other two options would most probably be Europe or Japan.


Europe, you play for a bit more money and slightly a bigger tour, but you have to travel quite a bit, and it’s a lot further from home for us. So, there are a lot of conveniences involved in playing in Japan for us.


If there’s one thing I wish I could do better in the course right now, it’s my Japanese speaking ability. I have learned a little bit, but I need to know more.


I look forward to visiting Tokyo, that’s my favourite city, and I really love it there. My favourite food? Curry korokke! Till next time!