Japan Golf Tour Qualifing Tournament

Information for New Applicants

Road to playing in the TOUR / ABEMA TOUR tournaments

The registration fee is 220,000 YEN for all players despite the stage he starts to play

QT Overview / Regulation

Visit the following pages for details of each QT stage / regulations

QT Overview

ー Application ー

There are two ways to aplly for QT: Mail or Internet Form
To apply, please click the red button (QT Overvie),
check the QT Guidelines and QT Regulations, and then click one of the application buttons to apply.

Apply by mail(Go to the application form download page)
Apply on the web
(New Applicants)

Apply on the web
(Click here if you have an ID/Pass for Player my Page)
Please contact the following for inquiries about ID/Pass for Player My Page.
e-mail: qt_jgto@jgto.jp