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Takumi Kanaya overcomes his weakness and finish 5T at Token Day 1

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Already with 2 victories under his belt, Takumi Kanaya who as turned Pro last September is a super star Rookie.
"But still, I am pretty nervous" says Takumi, especially he has negative thoughts on his first rounds.

As Takumi feared, his first tee shot on his starting hole 10th was a roller coaster ride. His tee shot went way left, and his 2nd shot from the roughs couldn't reach the green.
"My shot was falling apart everywhere but that short game made me calm down."
Which refers to making a chip-in birdie from 10 yards to the pin.

After turning with 1 under Par, then he made 3 straight birdies from 4th hole to finish at 4 under, 2 shot behind the leader as 5T.

"I usually start slow and don't do well on my first rounds, but that mind made me play safely. If I let my guard down, I will make stupid mistake, so I think being a bit worried is good for me to keep my concentration."

He has been practicing more than before and says, "I have noticed that I must play well on my first rounds to gain the chance to win. So, I practice not to regret."

As it is said, "practice makes perfect", Takumi's effort seems to be working and made him start in good position.

"It was my first time to cry watching a golf tournament on TV" recalled Takumi as he is referring to the epic making victory by Hideki Matsuyama at The Masters. Hideki is Takumi's college senior and admiring hero.

"I have watched Hideki's press conference yesterday. I felt it was kind of cute for Hideki to carry his Green Jacket around so preciously. Oops, he may get mad at me saying that."

Hideki will probably forgive him, with a big smile if Takumi manages to make his 3rd Tour victory this week.