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Amateur Keita Nakajima finishes solo 2nd but sheds tears of regret

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Keita Nakajima's ambition for victory is already professional class.
"I am still a college student and an amateur, but I am so grateful for the chance given to me join the professional tournaments. So many professional players have greeted me so kindly. I cannot thank enough for what they have given me."

Keita placed all of his might on the long birdie chance at the final 18th. He knew leader Takumi Kanaya had 2 strokes lead and a birdie won't do any good, but he wanted to finish with a style.

Keita drained the 10-meter birdie putt and showed off his talent to the golf fans.
"I wanted to give back to the supporting cheers given to me by all of the fans. I bet that putt went in thanks to all of the cheering voices."

Keita had to settle for 2nd position with only 1 shot deficit. His dream of becoming the 5th Amateur following Takumi Kanaya's footsteps to win at the professional tournament has slipped away.
"I just couldn't catch up to Takumi. I am really regretful."

Keita recalled in tears about the bogey he made on a chance hole Par 5 17th.
"I read the winds correctly and knew that I might end up in the water hazard. I couldn't decide and didn't concentrate on my shot 120%."
Keita ended up in the water hazard with his 1W tee shot.

His shots were flying everywhere as the gusty wind messed up Keita's swing on his front nine, resulting on 2 straight bogeys on 4th and 5th. But he managed to make birdie on 8th keep going on his pursuit after the leader Takumi, believing he would still have the chance to win.

Keita spent the sudden day off on Saturday to be ready for his chance.
"Yesterday, I wanted to prepare as much as I could, so I went on physical training in the morning to brush up on my body movements, then went on the practice rage to check on my swing. After that I had body treatment and then went over all of my course memos to plan the strategy. I think all of that preparation led to today's performance."
Keita seems to have placed a lot of pressure to Takumi, but Keita says, "I don't think I was able to place any pressure on Takumi. It may be 1 shot, but I feel that there is still a big gap between myself and winner Takumi. I must work hard for the next chance I get."

His next challenge on the professional tournament is 2 weeks from now at Chunichi Crowns.
"Takumi spoke to me and said, let's battle out again, so I will do my best to be ready."