Japan PGA Championship 2019

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Mixes feeling among the Kushu local player on the decision for the "Go" on the tournament

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  • Inamori and Izumida both local raised players challenges for the Major title

The venue for the Japan PGA Championship is changes and this year's Ibusuki Golf Club was elected in 2015. Many young players from local Kagoshima were jubilant to hear the news, and all were very eager to make himself a part of this excitement.

The 21 years old Yuki Inamori just made himself into the Japan Tour. A year younger Daijiro Izumida was no even playing at the regular tours, but he made a promise to himself to be here. Both won last year and made the dream come true.

Both were very excited to challenge for the Major title in their home ground, they both spoke about the joy after the tournament last weekend. But now they don't really know the right answer for this Major to be held this week under serious disaster in the Kyushu area.

Yuki Inamori's home is in Kagoshima City, and his family owns golfing range. The mountain at the back of his house had landslip and the grounds on the range was flooded, but no human casualties was among his family or friends. But on the news, there were many human casualties from this disaster, and many are evacuating too.
"I know that there may be not much of damage near the course, but there are many in Kagoshima City. In circumstances like this, I don't know if I should be playing golf."

Daijiro had to travel to Ibusuki from Kanoya City on Monday, when the rain was at worst condition. The highway was closed so, he took a car ferry to Ibusuki, and it was long 3 hours transport. When he found out about the disaster reports all over the Kagoshima area, he felt upset too.
"But I know that the organizers have made the difficult decision to have the tournament under situation like this. So, what's left for us players to do is to play our very best."

Yuki Inamori also added that "Under these harsh weather conditions, all 144 players gathered. I really appreciate for all of the players effort in this kind of emergency situation."

First Round was delayed, but the tournament is set to begin tomorrow.
"I am grateful for the chance and I really want to win."
Both Yuki Inamori and Daijiro Izumida showed their enthusiasm and made a strong appeal for the Major title.