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Katsumasa Miyamoto was shocked to hear the new rules on British Open qualifier

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The Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup Shishido Hills celebrates its 20th Anniversary this week, and as for first 4 years the tournament has been played at Hourai CC, then it was changed to this Shishido Hills. There are only 2 players who has won on both courses, Toshimitsu Izawa (in 2000 and 2003) and Katsumasa Miyamoto (in 2001 and 2010).

"I think it was only us 2 who had won this tournament twice, isn't it?"
Katsumasa saked proudly to the media. He has won his 12th victory at The Crowns in May and is on the roll.
"I like this tournament so I will do my best to be on the top."

The tournament has been held here at Shishido Hills for 16 years and the course management and the local volunteers has been giving a great support.

"The course is made up to be a prestige Major setting, it is getting better year by year. That is why the players must play in proudly manner and keep the Major quality. Thanks to NHK, the game is shown on the national broadcast and players must show their top game to the all golf loving fans around Japan."

As he was making this speech, one of the press told him about the qualification for the British Open has changed and Katsumasa was very surprised.

Until last year, there were ticket available for the 2 top spots on the Money Ranking counting from SMBC Singapore Open up to this Shishido Hills. But there was change made this year and 1 ticket was given to the winner of the Asia Pacific Diamond Cup in May, so there is only 1 spot left for the Money Ranking qualify.

No1 and 2 of the Money Ranking Jazz Janewattananond and Yosuke Asaji is already qualified to the British Open. Now Brendan Jones is on the 3rd in Ranking and Katsumasa Miyamoto follows in 4th.

"I thought I had a good chance of getting that ticket if I do well this week, but this means I must play to win in order to get my ticket to the British Open. I will try my best to make that chance to get there since my last challenge in 2010."