ANA Open 2019

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Legendary Isao Aoki and Defending Champion Yuta Ikeda played together in Pro-Am

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Wednesday at Wattsu Course, the Pro-Am game was held, and Isao Aoki joined the Yuta Ikeda's group and has done great hosting for the sponsors. After the ceremony, both Isao Aoki and Yuta Ikeda signed their autographs on the souvenir pin flag for promotion to the media.

Last year's tournament was cancelled due to the huge earthquake that hit Hokkaido. Isao Aoki along with Yuta Ikeda is wishing to do whatever they could do to make this year's event successful.

It was pouring rain on the Pro-Am Wednesday, but both Isao and Yuta were suffering from the old scars they have. Isao had injury 5 years ago on the Senior tournament, and rainy weather aches his old wound.

Yuta got injured last week at the course before the tournament as he slid hard onto the ground and hurt his hand and arms, and also twisted his right leg.
"My leg still hurts during the swing. We were both dragging our legs as we played and felt ashamed. When I joked to the amateur players in our group that we can't be any help today, so we are counting on them instead. They laughed and we had a great round together."

The result for the Pro-Am was 28th out of 36 teams. May not be good score, but they have given great hospitality to the invitees.

Yuta Ikeda himself had suffered the effects of natural disaster this week. From last Sunday to Monday huge typhoon landed in Kanto area and Yuta's hometown Chiba prefecture suffered electricity and water damages. Many transportation systems were damaged, and Yuta couldn't find the way to get to the airport. All of the flights were delayed and rescheduled. It was passed midnight when Yuta finally arrived at Chitose Airport.

"These days, natural disaster could hit anywhere, and anyone could become victims. I want to give anything that I could do as a professional player and also play the best that I could."

Yuta is urged to make the repeat and give a big smile to the local fans.