Token Homemate Cup 2019

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Great souvenir! Tournament flags will be sold again this year

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Along with JGTO Chairman Isao Aoki and last year's Champion Atomu Shigenaga, Players' Vice Chairman Yuta Ikeda held up the Tournament Flags for promotion wearing the "happi", traditional Japanese festival jackets.
On Wednesday, April 17, 2019 before the Pro-am event started, the tour celebrated the beginning of the season with the "kagami-wari", break opening a ceremonial sake barrel.

All 3, a bit blushed from the toast, all with the big smile promoted the tournament flags as a great souvenir.
"Please fill the flag with many autographs from the players!"

This tournament flag signing service started last year with the Players' Chairman, Ryo Ishikawa's idea. Chairman prepared well, and was excited to promote, but could not make it today due to his back injury. He had to withdraw from the tournament.

Small disappointment, but the players are all together and ready for the exciting season. The tournament flags will be new designs from last year and will be available at the gallery plaza shops.