Token Homemate Cup 2019

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"Wind on my side" Rikuya Hoshino smoothly plays the Gusty Round 2

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Rikuya managed to play along with the wind, same gusty wind that was making everyone else suffer in the field.
Rikuya is known to be a long hitter, but his talent is not only long distance, but his technique to hit in any direction he wishes. Upward, downward, left and right.

"I used to like to play in the winds. I like to challenge the wind with controlling my shots. Hit it break wind or make it low submarine fade shot, or whatever. I enjoy conquering the course under these wind conditions and it went really great today."

"Even in windy conditions, I aimed for it in 2 on Par 5's so I could get a birdie chance."
As he said, he gave himself a 1-meter eagle chance on the 4th.
"It was 240 yards to the pin, uphill lie with the ball below feet, pond on the right side, wind from the left. The shot could have been effected badly, but surprisingly it ended up great."
Rikuya drained the downhill right-to-left-breaking eagle putt.

On the 12th, he wisely used 3W and with the flat trajectory, made it to left side rough, which he chipped to easy birdie. Then on 17th, his last Par 5 of the day, he recalls "I could have chosen 9 Iron and control the shot". It was 160 yards to the pin, and he chose pitching wedge instead which was short to the green, but nevertheless, he got himself another birdie and finished 1 behind the leaders, in solo 3rd position.

Last season he got his victory number 1 at the Fuji Sankei Classics.
During the off season he had some hard schedules to go by but took enough time to take care of his body.
"I was able to win last season, but 50% of the times when I couldn't make the cut, I wasn't feeling healthy. So, I was very concerned about my physical wellness. I felt shock when I sprained my neck during the Japan Open last year when I had the chance to play with Adam Scott."

Rikuya's reason to be so caring about his physical toughness is the tournament scheduled in October, the ZOZO Championship, the first ever PGA Tour tournament that will be held in Japan. There are only 10 tickets for the Japan Tour players.
"If I could win that tournament, that will be invitation to USPGA. So, I must get that chance to be in one of the 10 players."