Dunlop Phoenix Tournament 2018

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Brooks Koepka starts out at 2 under tied to 18th

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World number one Brooks Koepka has his goal set for the 3 in-a-row win at this Dunlop Phoenix. He was not even close to his best but managed to score 2 under par 69 on has his first round today. Brooks recalled today's game as "my shots and putt were not good enough. I wanted to go much lower today, but I will make up the deficit from tomorrow."

Current Japan Tour's Money Leader Shugo Imahira was astonished.
"Brooks is so great. He hits so far. There is no way that I could beat him."

Another playing partner Shota Akiyoshi, who is known to be a big hitter himself , but he was surprised as well.
"I thought at first, Brooks' distance was about the same as mine. But when he started to really give it a go, I was not even close to him."
They were the witness of Brooks power, when they saw him go way over the left side fairway bunker on the 18th hole.
"That was probably over 320 yards."

But even with the big drive, Brooks wasn't at his best condition. Still he managed to wrap it up with 2 under par.

At Shota's first ever try at the US Open, the winner was Brooks Koepka.
"It seems like an easy round for Brooks at this Japan Tour tournament."

Since Shugo and Shota are both Srixon sponsored Pros, they must do better as the host.
"We will try our best to beat Brooks this Sunday afternoon."