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Fujisankei Classic 2019

"Golfer YouTuber" Jinichiro Kozuma jumps up to 6th tie on Round 3

25 years old Jinichiro Kozuma, made 3 straight birdies from 14th and scored 69 today. He sits at tied to 6th, along with Shugo Imahira and Hiroshi Iwata, who are the top amongst the Japanese players as top 5 are all International players at the Round 3 of Fuji Sankei Classic.

"If I could play like I did today on Sunday, I might have the chance to finish in top group."

Jinichiro started playing golf at 2 years old taught by his father. Then he joined the junior class held by LPGA star player Sakura Yokomine's father in Kagoshima Prefecture. During his days in high school, he was elected as the member in Team Japan along with Hideki Matsuyama for the World Armature Championship. He turned Pro in 2012 and gained his Tour Card on his 2nd year. But he ended up losing his card last year with only 630,000 yen short at 70th in Money Rankings.

Last season, his 2 years elder sister, Kotono won for the first time in JLPGA Tour. This gave Jinichiro a craving to get back into contention again. He also got himself another goal as he opened his YouTube channel in May. His aims to have 10,000 followers. Now he has over 8,300.

"I wanted to do something to get more people to become golf fans. I try to show the real faces of the players that is not shown on TV and on the tournament courses."
As he said, he asks his fellow players support and captures videos of inside the locker room and regular days of the players away from the tournament.

"I want to move up on the leader board tomorrow and I think I can."
Jinichiro, as a player and YouTuber, aims to go higher and higher to reach his goal.