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Fujisankei Classic 2019

Sang-Hyun Park wins the Fuji Sankei Classic and grabs his 2nd victory on the Tour

When Sang-Hyun Park's winning putt was made, the rain started to get harder. The tournament was able to finish just in time before the typhoon arrived at the shores of Kanto area. Sang-Hyun Park spoke with Japanese in his winning speech, repeatedly worried about the fan's transportation back home due to the typhoon arriving.

Sang-Hyun Park started the Final Round 4 shots behind the leader but made a great Sunday charge with bogey free 6 under play. While Chan Kim and Ho-Sung Choi battling head to head in the final group, Sang-Hyun Park quietly and smoothly moved up the leader board and grabbed his come from behind win.

"I thought if Chan Kim and Ho-Sung Choi gets heated up against each other, I might have the chance to close in without being noticed. So, I concentrated on my play and grabbed the chance."

As Sang-Hyun Park thought, Chan Kim and Ho-Sung Choi got too heated up and started to lose control. Chan Kim's long drives went wild and couldn't find the fairways. Ho-Sung Choi also found water on 5th and made double-bogey. As the leaders struggled, Sang-Hyun Park played smart and closed in on the deficits.

"Chan Kim's distance is great, but I pay more attention on my accuracy. I swing with only 80% of power and concentrate on the rhythm and accuracy. As for Ho-Sung Choi, I honor him as my senior, but I have seen him back in Korea, so I am already use to his unique swing."

Sang-Hyun Park made 13-meter birdie putt on 13th and went on to made 3 in a row to jump up on the top of the leader board.

Sang-Hyun Park became Order of Merit Champion in home country Korea last season and became 2nd on the Asian Tour Money Rankings. His tied to 16th finish at this year's British Open, which was the highest finish amongst the Asian players.

"That experience taught me where my level is at in the world class golf. I think that confidence gave me the power to win this week."

Sang-Hyun Park will fly back home again to be in the filed of first ever Japan Asia and Korea co-sanctioned tournament "Shinhan Donghae Open" held from September 19th to 22nd.
"I really like to become the first winner of this tournament."