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Dunlop SRIXON Fukushima Open 2021

Mikumu Horikawa caddies for his best buddy Shunya Takeyasu to keep a "promise"

7 th year professional Mikumu Horikawa is carrying his best buddy Shunya Takeyasu's bag on the weekends. They go long way back as they were same grade in Nippon University and has been best friends since.

This "promise" was made on the practice round. Shuya was having difficulties using electric cart in the rainy weather and he jokingly asked Mikumu, "if you miss the cut, could you caddy for me on the weekend?"
Mikumu said, "sure thing". Which he regretted on Friday saying, "I never thought I would miss the cut", but Mikumu was happy to support his buddy anyways.

"Next week's venue is close from here and schedule wise, I didn't intend to go home either. He is my buddy, so I am glad to carry the bag for him."

Mikumu was also worried about Shunya's struggles on the Tour. Shunya achieved Tour Card in 2017 but failed to keep it in 2019.
"Shunya has better strokes than me. All he needs is clever course management. I don't intend to brag, but I gave him some advice on the course to help out."

Friendship support worked and Shunya scored 5 under for today. He made chip-in birdie on 18th from front edge roughs, 3rd chip-in of the day following the ones on 6th and 12th.

Mikumu was happy for his buddy, "I really want him to prosper, I wish I could be a help for him".
Shunya deeply appreciated Mikumu's support.
"I learned a lot. He taught me about course management and keeping my mental state calm. I think I have gained important key for improvement today. I will try my best to earn the Tour Card."

As for Mikumu's payment?
"I was able to feel how tough the job of a caddy could be. I took out few balls without permission to make the bag lighter. The weight of the bag wasn't much to worry but, calculating yardages, selecting the gear, raking bunker, cleaning ball, offering food and drink. It was really tough to handle."
It must have been really tough for Mikumu, he almost forgot to rake the 18th bunker.
"This job is so tough, so I felt like asking for 50% of his prize money. But I will do it for free since he is my best buddy" smiled Mikumu.