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Dunlop SRIXON Fukushima Open 2021

Loses the "ticket" to the Olympics but Shugo Imahira has another goal to pursuit

Shugo Imahira showed the talent and tough spirit of 2 year in a row Order of Merit Champion by scoring 63 on Sunday at Fukushima Open.

He got on the roll for birdie charge at 6th and made 5 straight birdies.
"I made two 7-meters and others were really close to the pin for almost a tap in. My shots were really great today."

After the turn, he made 3 birdies in a row from 13th. Shugo also had 2-meter eagle chance on his finishing hole.
"I was putting from back of the green, and with that down slope, I came short."
Too bad he had to satisfy for a birdie, but the crowd loved his charismatic performance.
"My game is getting better. I can feel it."

Shugo finished as 6T, his best finish for this year. This week was the deciding deadline for the Representatives for Tokyo Olympics, and Hideki Matsuyama and Rikuya Hoshino was elected juts before the tournament began. If the Olympics were held last year as it was scheduled, it was Hideki and Shugo, representing Japan.

Also, the venue for the Olympic golf will be held at Kasumigaseki CC in Shugo's hometown Saitama Prefecture, many local fans wished he could make it into the team.

Many Shugo's fan are disappointed, but Shugo is shifted his goal already.
"What has done is done, so I am on pursuit for next goal. First of all, I want to win my career 5th victory, and I want to defend my Order of Merit Champion title at the end of this season."