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Gate Way To The Open Mizuno Open 2021

Ryutaro Nagano "honored" to receive the invitation to The Open, his first ever Major

Tickets to The Open were handed out to the 2 top players of the Mizuno Open, and the second ticket went to the runner-up finish, Ryutaro Nagano.
He clung on to keep his solo 2nd place with total 14 under to achieve his dream.

He was having a see-saw battle with Ryuichi Oiwa, who was in the same group. Ryutaro says, he realized that he would have the chance for The Open, if he made a little over 1-meter birdie putt.

Ryutaro couldn't accomplish to make his first victory happen, but his challenge was praised with great chance to be in the Major tournament for the first time.
"I am just so honored to be able to participate in such a legendary tournament."

Now, 9 players from JGTO member will make their appearances at this year's The Open
Exemption status follows their names.

Shugo Imahira (2019 Order of Merit Champion)
Shaun Norris (2019 Order of Merit runner-up)
Chan Kim (2019 Japan Open winner)
Takumi Kanaya (2019 Emirate Australian Open 3T)
Ryosuke Kinoshita (2019 SMBC Singapore Open 6T)
Yuki Inamori (2020 Japan Open winner)
Rikuya Hoshino (2021 Asia Pacific Diamond Cup winner)
Juvic Pagunsan (2021 Mizuno Open winner)
Ryutaro Nagano (2021 Mizuno Open runner-up)