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Charity pin badge will be sold at ZOZO Championship to give donation for the Typhoon victims

The main sponsor for this week's US PGA and Japan Tour co-sanctioned ZOZO Championship has announced that they will be having a charity pin badges to be sold at the course to give donation to the Typhoon victims. Pin badges will be 500 yen per piece, and it will be full donation. It will be sold from 12 noon on Oct 24th, at 4 of the official goods shops at the course.

Typhoon has made big scar on many parts of Japan including Chiba Prefecture, where the ZOZO Championship will be held.
Ryo Ishikawa as the Players' Chairman commented, "There are still so many people suffering from the disaster and having trouble to lead a normal life. We as professional golfers must be very thankful to be able to participate in this prestigious event and we must play our very best in order to give courage and power to those who are still in suffering circumstances."

Tiger Woods, Hideki Matsuyama and so many big names will be in the field including 13 players from Japan Golf Tour. This is the best ever chance to see so many world's top class players gathered in Japan. Don't miss the excitement.

Letter from Players' Chairman Ryo Ishikawa
To those who are suffering from the Typhoon disasters
On behalf of the JGTO players, I would like to send my deepest condolences to those who have been victimized by the Typhoon disaster.
This week in Chiba Prefecture, US PGA and Japan Tour co-sanctioned event ZOZO Championship will be held. 13 players from JGTO will be in the same field as Tiger Woods, Hideki Matsuyama and so many of the leading PGA Tour players.
All of us players promise to do our very best play to give courage and power to those are in depressing moments.
We sincerely hope that many of you who are still at hard times will be given the necessary support and wishing for the prompt restoration as soon as possible.