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SMBC Singapore Open 2019

Round 2 : Thailand's Poom Saksansin and World's 24 rank Paul Casey as current club house leaders

As same as Round 1, Round 2 was suspended again due to delays by the bad weather. At the end of Day 2, Paul Casey and Poom Saksansin became the Club House leaders.

Paul and Poom were in the same groupings from Day 1.
World's 24th ranking Paul Casey says, "Asia has star players too" and praised his playing partner.

24 years old Poom Saksansin won his 3rd title at 2018 Asian Tours final tournament, Indonesian Masters.
Poom recalls that "It was breath taking to see the world top class player like Paul striking the ball so beautifully and accurate. But I managed to keep my golf going too"

"I am so glad that I got the chance to see Paul's golf, I will engrave those images and practice with my coach at the hotel tonight. I made a miss shot by pulling on the important play, I must adjust right by tomorrow."

Good practice and good meal will take away the tough days stress. In Singapore, Japanese Convenient Stores are very popular. Poom likes Japanese food too and his favorite is cream puffs.
"But I should stay away from Seven Eleven today. Maybe I'll have Hainanese chicken rice tonight."

On Day 2, Paul and Poom finished off the left over from Round 1 and then continued to play Round 2. So, these 2 were able to finish the 36 holes. But most of the players who started in the afternoon (Round 1 morning groups), have many holes left to play tomorrow. Day 3 will start again from finishing off the left-over holes at 7:30 local time.

"It was long and tough day. My legs are tired. I should rest fast."
Paul Casey who is seeking to make his first victory in Singapore is still pretty worried about the bad weather conditions that's haunting the tournament.
Paul ended the interview with wishful comment
"I hope that I could finish the round. And if everyone can play all 18 holes on Sunday, it will be amazing!"