Tournament article

SMBC Singapore Open 2019

Yoshinori Fujimoto lost the tournament, but he earned a lot

Jazz made 5 birdies in his front nine and stole the leader's position from Yoshinori so quickly. Yoshinori felt like he was left out of the competition. But he did not go down easily. He made the 4-meter chance on the 12th, and followed it by consecutive birdie on 13th, which got Yoshinori back at only 1 stroke behind Jazz. He had tough moments on 15 and 17 but made it through with a worthy par save.

"If I could make an eagle on 18th, I would have had the chance, but after my 2nd shot I knew it was over."

Yoshinori was 2 shots behind Jazz on last 18th. He made it in 2, but Jazz was also near the pin in 2.
"Thailand players are great ball strikers. They are really good."
Yoshinori praised the winner, but he also regrets that he has miss the chance for his victory in 6 years.
"I really wanted to win, so I do feel frustrated. My task will be Iron's distance control and decisions on the wind."

He did lose, but he earned a lot.
"I wasn't expecting to do this well here. I don't practice in my off seasons. I only do weight trainings. I didn't even plan to come here, but my wife insisted. But from this great result I got confidence that my way of training and method for the shot are working. I still have few months before the tournaments to begin in Japan. So, with this correct training that I am confident with. I would be ready!"

Yoshinori also earned a ticket to this year's The Open. Top 4 players at Singapore Open receive the invitations. This will be his 2nd chance at the Majors and will be first time in 7 years.
"I haven't been able to make it to the Majors lately and I never saw this was coming. I will try harder and harder this year and really want to grab a victory title too."

Yoshinori has made a great start in Singapore, and best might be yet to come!