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Japan PGA Championship 2019

Jinichiro Kozuma and Tomoyo Ikemura, both local young guns are targeting for the Major V

Kozuma with Asaji on the walk around of the tournament course on Thursday
The First Round of Japan PGA Championship was delayed for a day, and the practice ranges resumed on Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately, the course was closed for practice rounds, but players were able to take a look around, so Jinichiro Kozuma and Yosuke Asaji went for the walk on the course.

Jinichiro Kozuma is from local Kagoshima Prefecture, but he lived 3 hours drive from this Ibusuki Golf Club, so he has never been able to play here yet. Tuesday's Pro-Am and Wednesday's practice round was both canceled, so tomorrow's First Round will be really "first round".

So many weather and evacuation alert e-mails were sent for pass few days, but in between these alerts, many of his friends and fans sent messages to Jinichiro to worry about his safety and also cheered for him saying that they will come to the course when the tournament starts.
"I really want to thank them and give back for their encouragement by winning the tournament."

Tomoyo Ikemura is also from nearby Fubushishi, where his family is farming high brand Satsuma potato for also very prestigious brand Shochu whiskey "Maou".
"My family's farmland wasn't effected by the heavy rain, but I know many were damaged from this rain in city areas, so I do feel upset about this situation."

On Tuesday, he went to the public practice range in Ibusuki City. Many found out that the professional player was practicing, so the range became some sort of spectating range that day.
"Many who came to see me at the range knew me, and they promised to come to the course on weekends to cheer for me. I am so thankful."

Jinichiro asked his caddy to do the walk around of the course and he concentrated on practicing at the range.
"If the tournament is set to start, I must do my best as local bread player."
Kozuma and also Ikemura both faces the chance their very first victory, and it will be at their home ground which also it comes with a big Major title. If accomplished, that would surely make the local fans happy.
  • Ikemura at the practice range