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Japan PGA Championship 2019

"To keep the promise with my father" Shaun Norris wipes away his tears and fights strong

On the 2nd Round of this year's 2nd Major, the Japan PGA Championship, Shaun Norris made a great charge by scoring 6 under to get into only 1 shot behind of the 3 co-leaders.

But even after the great round, he was not in the mood to talk to the media today.
His caddy came and politely told the press, "Shaun is not capable to talk to the media now".

Shaun's beloved father has passed away on South Africa July 5th evening (July 6th early morning JST).

Shaun got the message from his family back home 2 nights ago, and Shaun knew that his father was at critical condition yesterday. But his father told Shaun to listen to his wishes.
"Don't come home and fight the Major tournament until the end."

Shaun really wanted to fly back home, but he kept his promise with his father and played his round today with all of his might.
"I want to keep the promise with my father, so I will play my best tomorrow. That's all."

If Shaun could win tomorrow, that will be the best blessing that he could give to his father up in heaven. With deep love for his father inside of him supporting Shaun, he will fight great rounds tomorrow.