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Japan PGA Championship 2019

"No practice makes perfect?" Ryo Ishikawa starts off as the co-leader on Round 1

On the delayed First Round of this year's 2nd Major, Japan PGA Championship, Ryo Ishikawa made 7 birdies and a bogey to score 65 and became the co-leader for the round.

Due to serious bad weather and hazardous situations, the tournament has decided to delay the First Round and players had no chance for any practice on the course.
"I tried to focus on the game, even though I was still so worried about the weather disaster. But I made up my mind to do my best."

The evacuation alert was called off by yesterday evening and players were able to shift their minds toward the tournament.

Ryo made a bogey on the 1st hole, which was on his back nine, where his ball went over the OB line for about 2 balls worth, but Ryo made a great start with 7 birdies and marked 65 on the course he played for the very first time.

Until 2004, Casio World Open was held at this Ibusuki Golf Club, but since it changed the venue, young players didn't have the chance to play here. Players were able to take a walk around yesterday to see the course settings, but Ryo decided not to.
"I decided not to see the course beforehand so I could do my course management while actually seeing and playing the course. I aimed to shot to the spots that I could actually see."
This strategy worked and his way of risk managing lead to a great First Round.

Many of the players were including the ones who had played here before all saying how tough the up and downs are on this hilly course.
Defending champion, Toru Taniguchi said, "It was really hot and tough. I am exhausted. But Ryo in same group was energetically having a great round. I really envy his youth."

Chairman Masahiro Kuramoto has announced that the tournament will have 36 holes on Sunday and aim to complete the 72 holes, which means it will even be more of a survival race on Sunday.

"Maybe we should have climbed mountains for training."
It will obviously be tough and long Sunday for the players, but Ryo has done it before with a great ending, when he won the Munsingwear Open KBC Cup as an amateur.
With this said, maybe Ryo might have few more advantages against the other players.