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Dunlop SRIXON Fukushima Open Golf Tournament 2019

Shota Akiyoshi couldn't defend the title but lived up to his "promise"

Couldn't even get the chance to defend his title on Sunday due to the bad weather suspension.
"I wish I could have at least play for it."

Defending champion Shota Akiyoshi started out slow on Day 1 but marked 65 and 63 on Day 2 and 3 to merge up on the 2 shot behind solo 2nd heading to Sunday. Shota was pumped up to beat the leader Rikuya, but unfortunate bad weather blocked him to do so.

But Shota was happy to live up to his "promise", to be bald headed until he gets into top 10 at the tournaments. His best so far 2nd place made him happy enough.

"This is a big point for today. Now I can let my hair get longer."

He has been preparing to grow his hair for past 2 weeks, having the confidence to be in top 10 at this week's tournament. So, by summer he will have his look back with his trademark visor.

"In summer, the caps get steamy inside, so I rather wear visors. Now I can get back to my usual look, so that fans will notice me again."

Shota says, many fans asked him if he were really Shota Akiyoshi with that bald-headed hair style. Now he could proudly enjoy any hair style he wants.