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Dunlop SRIXON Fukushima Open Golf Tournament 2019

I J Jang makes Hole-in-One but says "Not here!"

I J Jang from Korea made a Hole-in-One on the 2nd Round at 172 yards Par 3 8th hole with 7 Iron.
But he complained that "Not on this hole!"

The reason for his complain was that there was no prize money for the Hole-in-one on this 8th hole. In 2016, he made a Hole-in-One on the 17th hole and received 1 million yen.

"But there is no prize on 8th hole. Half happy, and half sad. But I will try for the Hole-in-One again tomorrow at 17th hole!"

46 years old tough fighter is not going give up easily.