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Dunlop SRIXON Fukushima Open Golf Tournament 2019

Srixon sponsored players gathered to praise Mr. Uehara "The Srixon Pro service man"

The night before the tournament, on June 26, Srixon sponsored players gathered to thank their supporting gear staff, Teruhisa Uehara with a huge decoration cake. Mr. Uehara has been with the Dunlop, the company for Srixon for 28 years and has been supporting the players at the tournament sites. He will be leaving the gear supporting department, and this will become his last tournament, so the players showed their gratitude with the huge decoration cake.

But players know that the best way to thank him is to win at this event, and on the Day 1 many of the Srixon players started out well. As for Yujiro Ohori, he scooped 3 consecutive birdies from 6 to 8 and finished with 5 under score. He has been going through tough times with his right ankle injury, but he says "Past 2 weeks gave me some time to prepare well. The best way to thank Mr. Uehara is to win on his last tournament. He has been taking good care of me before I even become a pro."

Yuki Inamori was also doing well today too. He was known as "fairway keeper" but has been having trouble with drivers this season. Yuki somehow got his control back just in time for this week's tournament, and that goof feelings on the driver shots was also followed by great iron shots as well. Yuki made a 80 yards wedge shot to 2-meter to the pin on 14th, and got on to his rhythm, then he made the birdie charge to finish with 65, 2 shots behind the leader.

Yuki Inamori has finished at tied to 2nd in 2014 but says "my rank has been declining year by year. I haven't been able to win here yet, so I want to dedicate a win this week to Mr. Uehara."

Other than Yujiro Ohori and Yuki Inamori, Rikuya Hoshino has finished at 5 under tied to 6th on Day 1. Many Srixon players are on the top portion of the leader board today, trying to dedicate the victory for Mr. Uehara.