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Gate Way To The Open Mizuno Open at The Royal Golf Club 2019

Aussie Dylan Perry finishes as co-leader for Day 1 with 300 yards average drives

The venue for this week Mizuno Open is known to be long, very long as total 8000 yards. Today the tee boxes were set front, so it was a bit less than 8000 and counted as 7643 yards, but it was long enough anyhow. With this condition, Dylan Perry with average 300 yards drive was cruising his way on Day 1.

"My putts were good too" smiled friendly rookie Dylan Perry from down under, carded in 5 under for the day.

He made the turn with 2 under, and on his back nine 3rd, he shot his 2nd with 5W from 225 yards to 7-meter and made an eagle.

"I have confidence on my driving, so I do have advantage in length."

His younger days dream was to become motorcycle racer, but with an accident at 8 years old he broke his right leg and took the dream away. After the accident, sports like football made his leg ache. Then he met golf, which had no problem with his old scar. He started to play golf at 13 years old and took away Australian Amateur and other titles pretty quick. And in 2017, he became runner-up at the British Amateur. He turned Pro next year, and his best finish was 3rd.

He planned to gain experience in Japan Tour, so he went through the Final QT last year and finished at 22nd. He earned his way into the Japan Tour and on his first tournament, at Token Homemate Cup, he finished 8th.

He future goal is to play in US PGA Tour, but to make it come true, he is planning step by step.
"I know that if I could finish within top 4 this week, I get to go to the British Open, but I want stay calm and concentrate. Want to go step by step to reach my first Major chance."

This is his 3rd tournament to appear, and still not so used to the Japanese atmosphere but he enjoys finding good restaurants to eat in.
"I like the curry restaurant Kokoichi. I don't like it too hot, so I always ask for regular."

23 years old rookie is having the great season start and enjoying the life here as well.