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Gate Way To The Open Mizuno Open at The Royal Golf Club 2019

Ryutaro Nagano keeps his game to finish solo 3rd at Mizuno Open Day 2

31 years ols Ryutaro Nagano is making a good step for a comeback onto the seeded membership on his 12th year on this Tour by finishing solo 3rd on the 2nd Round at monstrous course of Mizuno Open. Ryutaro managed to plat steady in the tough windy condition and scored 2 under par for the day which totaled to 5 under onto the weekends.

"My strength on distance is an advantage, but the large green with difficult undulation is really tough to beat. Greens are firm and fast so, the short games around the green will be the key."

Ryutaro is originally from Kumamoto Prefecture, but he went to one of the prestigious high schools in Ibaragi Prefecture, the same prefecture that this Mizuno Open is held. So, for Ryutaro this area is like his second home. Unfortunately, his high school golf team has been closed down 3 years ago, but local fans still remember Ryutaro as their favorite and calls out the high school name when they cheer for him at the site.

Ryutaro used his local knowledge as he did last year and made a reservation on nearby hot spring hotel. "I can get to the course in 15 minutes, even I stop by at convenient stores."
As he said, his starting time was at 6:50 in the top group, but he was able to sleep in more than other players.

3 years ago, when his home country Kumamoto had the big earthquake, he worked along with his same country mates Atomu Shigenaga and had so many competitions against each other for victory. Everyone thought Ryutaro's first win was coming soon, but he just couldn't finish the deal and it got worse when he lost his seed with ranking 84th on the money list last season. But last December he managed to finish 9th at the Final QT and got his way into this season's events. He says he is not so concerned about the seed.
"I don't want to worry so much about making the seed, that makes me play too safe."

This off season he was in USA at his new sponsor PING's headquarters and stayed for about 20 days. He had the chance to watch 2 US PGA games and was able to have practice camp with the same PING sponsored players. Mamiko Higa, who is at the top of the leader board on Day 1 at US Women's Open was among the camp members.
"She is strong minded and tough. I think he might win the Major. I better do well too", smiled Ryutaro.