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Gate Way To The Open Mizuno Open at The Royal Golf Club 2019

Order of Merit Champion Shugo Imahira is smoothly cruising his way between the Majors

Tough and tight schedule doesn't seem to bother the young Order of Merit Champion. Shugo Imahira made a great start with 3 under par play on the monster course on Day 1.

He appeared at Kansai Open last week just coming back from the PGA Championship weekend before. Then after that Kansai Open, on Monday this week he challenged the 36-hole US Open sectional and came through with 2nd finish, and the ticket to the US Open. It will be his second time to the US Open, since 2017.

After all f those tough challenges, he went home and slept from 10pm to 10am.
"I spent time relaxed at home on Tuesday and came into the course on Wednesday, so my fatigue is all gone."

If this monster course plays its longest, it will be 8000 yards in total, longest ever on the tour, but Shugo enthusiastically says, "It will become similar to the courses abroad and it will be a great practice."

Shugo is now working on getting more yardages and he is taking in the swing by Danny Lee of New Zealand that he saw at the PGA Championship driving range. Danny seems to sink his body on his top to downswing and then stretches out on the impact.
"I can't do as much like Danny does, but even I hit it thinner, my iron shots trajectory got higher and my driver carries more length now."

Shugo already has the ticket to the British Open, and with the US Open now under his schedule, he will be in all 4 Majors this season.
"Every year, my Major chances are increasing, so I do feel my golf progressing to a higher level."
But even with 5 chances he has gained in the Majors, he hasn't been able to make the cut yet. In order to make his first cutline at the next week's Major, he needs to make a boost with the victory this week at Mizuno.