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Gate Way To The Open Mizuno Open at The Royal Golf Club 2019

Satoshi Kodaira vs Tomoharu Otsuki best rivalry show down is set this week at Mizuno Open

Satoshi Kodaira, who is fighting his way in US PGA this season chose to come back for Mizuno Open, his first Japan Tour tournament this season. Satoshi chose to come with a significant reason. There was Final QT via Japan Sectional for US Open on Monday, and this week's Mizuno Open offers tickets for the top 4 players to The British Open as well.

"My first Major was British Open in 2013. I was able to make the cut last year, so that Major means a lot to me. If I could finish within the top 4 and get that ticket to the British Open, that will be great."

Another best timing came along coincidentally. Satoshi's longtime friend and rival, Tomoharu Otsuki has finally grab his first victory by winning the 4 extra holes playoff last week.

Satoshi said that, "I was so happy when I found out Tomoharu had won. I also found out that he mentioned my name in the winner's interview saying that he wants to catch up with me, I was honored to here him say that. His win motivated me to do better and I want him to catch up with me faster."

Satoshi congratulates Tomoharu deeply from his heart, but after the practice round they spent together on Tuesday, Satoshi gave his friend a harsh but warm encouraging word.
"1 win won't get you close enough to me."

Tomohoru replied, "I know, and I am not satisfied with only 1 win either."

For the first 2 rounds of the Mizuno Open, they will be playing in the same group.
"I can't wait to see how much Tomoharu has gone strong, and I would also want to show how much I gained in US PGA."
Tomoharu replied, "Satoshi is much better player than me, as results show. My first win was somewhat lucky, so I want to push myself harder to the next stage and really catch up with him.

"I was aggressive since junior days, and I loved competing against my friends" says Satoshi, good friends but so opposite in character and how they face their games.

Tomoharu faced tough season last year worrying too much about the win and couldn't play his game as he planned to, so he has given himself a promise to keep, "be in at least top 30 in every tournament". He has got his monkey off his back with the win last week, but he is demanded to keep his promise and stick to his plan. Tomoharu will play calm and steady, as while Satoshi will try to conquer the longest course on the Tour by playing aggressive as always.