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Gate Way To The Open Mizuno Open at The Royal Golf Club 2019

Hideto Tanihara is back in Japan Tour event since 2017

Hideto Tanihara has been challenging the EPGA Tour since 2017 but came back for this week's Mizuno Open and for the Final QT via Japan sectional of US Open held on Monday.

"I was away for a while, so I wanted to see how the Japan Tour is blooming with so many young and talented players. I was amazed to see their talents, but I was also surprised to see so many new faces."

This week's venue, The Royal Golf Club holds over 8000 yards in total.
"I was astonished to see the total yardage of this venue and not only the length but how difficult the course settings are done. I haven't come across this much of difficult setting even in EPGA."

Another issue that is giving Hideto a hard time is "Everything tastes great in Japan, even the readymade foods at convenient stores tastes great. I am afraid to get on the scale."

On real heart aching issue is the fact that his 1st Grader son constantly asking, "when Dad will be back" and misses his father so much. But Hideto is eager to continue his taks.

"It's easier to travel in Japan, food is great and I get to go home. I have to face challenge every day when I am abroad in EPGA, but my heart is not broken yet from the difficulties I face. I enjoy challenging at the higher stage, so I would like to keep on trying as long as I can."

Hideto is over 40 years old now, but he is sticking to his plans.
"I would like to enjoy this week's tournament as well. Whether in Japan or Europe best is to enjoy my golfing life."