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Shigeo Nagashima Invitational SEGASAMMY Cup Golf Tournament 2019

New "long hitter" Takahiro Hadachi makes a big jump to mark his best finish at tied to 3rd

On the Final Round, new "long hitter" Takahiro Hadachi made 2 eagles and mark his best finish at tied to 3rd. The was on substitute standby called in on Monday to play this week. He took every penny of his chance and became tied to 3rd, which allowed him to earn the ticket to play in next tournament.

He has showed off his ability as the long hitter. Since the Hokkaido course is wide and even in the tough roughs, it was playable for him.
On the Par 4 4th hole, he shot his 2nd from under the tree branch from 120 yards left, which went into the hole. Then on the reachable 282 yards Par 4 17th, he easily got in on to 3-meter and holed it in.
"I chose to change my right-hand grip from the 3rd hole today and after a while it felt comfortable and after that my score kept on getting better and better."

As he said, he made 2 eagles, 5 birdies, and 2 bogeys to mark 65, the best score for the day. On the Round 1, he literary blasted his Driver on the 3rd hole and marked 342 yards. His average Driving Distance for the week was 308.68 yards. He took over the "long hitter" title from last season's champion Chan Kim and got himself his 3rd Driving Distance award of 1 million yen.

His height is 188cm, weights is 89kg. He knows he is little overweight but say the power for his distance is to eat a lot. He used to be slim, 20kg lesser when he was in high school and he couldn't drive much. He had the chance to meet with Jumbo Ozaki and had the privilege to train with him for 10 days. The best advice that Jumbo gave him was to eat more and get bigger. And he did.

Coincidently, Takahiro was fulfilling the spot Jumbo Ozaki withdrew this week. Another big chance was given from Jumbo to him.

Takahiro Hadachi Profile
Born in June 30, 1993 From Hiroshima Prefecture. Started to play golf with his father's advice but he was the worst golfer among his brothers. That motivated him to get serious in golf. He has gone to the same high school as Hinako Shibuno, although she is 7 years younger. He also went to the same college as Hideki Matsuyama, 2 years younger from Hideki, but didn't have the chance to get acquainted. Last season he has earn the tour card to the regular tour through finishing at 14th on the Money Ranking in minor Abema TV Tour.