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Kansai Open Golf Championship 2019

"Legend" Tommy Nakajima keeps his word and stepped down after the missing the CUT

4 over Par score from Day 1 made it more difficult for Tommy Nakajima to make the cutline. He couldn't make it but "Today's score 2 under does show my pride, I guess" he said.

Tommy has 48 wins under his belt, and since it would be his last appearance on this Kainsai Open, so many fans gathered to cheer for him.
"I think I was able to show some pro spirit" Tommy smiled.

On his last hole 9th, he made the 1.5-meter par saving putt and concluded his round with standing ovation.
"I did well enough and I have no regrets."

He announced that this will be his last appearance for this tournament, but many requested him to come back again next year.
"My driving was well today, and with so many praises and requests for me to come back, I was moved. But I made up my mind. I want to, but I am not able to perform as I wish, so this is the final. I am glad that I was able to score under par for my last round here."

Next chance to see Tommy on the regular Tour will be at the Dunlop Srixon Fukushima Open, and Dunlop Phoenix, where he will be one of the host players.
"If it's just 2 tournaments per year, I think I can handle and won't be in other players way as well."

Tommy has built and a Golden Golf Era as AON (Aoki, Ozaki and Nakajima), but he says they are all outdated now.
"Young players today are all clever and cool. We were obsessed to win and did anything possible to grab that win. But that type of golf is not the style today."

"If I stay healthy, I might be able to do an age-shoot someday, but I am not pushing myself to do so."
Tommy the legendary player has decided to support and cheer for the Japan Tour outside of the ropes from now on.