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Kansai Open Golf Championship 2019

"Legend" Tommy Nakajima announced his last appearance at "Kansai Open"

Last year, Tommy made his last appearance at the Japan Golf Tour Championship. He appearance at the regular Tour has been getting fewer every year. Now, the legend with 48 wins at this Japan Tour wants to make this year as his last appearance at Kansai Open as well.

This Kansai Open has started on 1926, known as the oldest open championship in Japan Tour. It once suffered the funding difficulties as other tournaments prize money went over the sky limit and Kansai Open declined its position as area limited tournament. It almost faced the crisis of ending the tournament as a whole, but with so many support, Kansai Open returned to the Tour in 2009.

"I was invited to this tournament since then, and I tried in many ways to give support, but I think I am too old for this now" says, Tommy.

Tommy made this tournament as the first event to enter this season and made it 2 years in a row appearance. Many fans want to see him on the field, but he replies, "My condition is not enough to fight competitively against the rest of the field. So, I would like to make it may last."

Usually, Pro-Am events are held on Wednesday, but for this tournament it was held on the Sunday a week before and Tommy joined.
At the prize ceremony, 2 legends, JGTO Chairman Isao Aoki and Tommy had a delightful chat in front of the guests.
Tommy concluded by saying "I want to play happily, joyfully, and as many good shots as I can make and give back to my fans."

Next chance to see Tommy on the regular Tour will be at the Dunlop Srixon Fukushima Open, and Dunlop Phoenix, where he will be one of the host players.

"No one should feel sad about it. I have been playing for 50 years since amateur days. I will become 65 years old this year, so there are no regrets. So many young and talented players are coming to the Tour, and that is very exciting, and I am delighted. With those young players doing so well, I am not worried about the Tour. Its new Era from this year, so it seems right to hand them over to the young guns."