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Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup Shishido Hills 2019

Rikuya Hoshino couldn't stop making a depressive sigh after a big miss on the final hole

The dark clouds were covering the sky, and so did Rikuya's chance to win.
He was really regretful with the result of the final 18th.
"Oh my, how could I do that on the very last hole!"

He was at 8 under total until he shot his 2nd shot on the 18th. That 2nd shot couldn't make it to the green and got caught in the bunker. The ball was buried, juts by the edge and he couldn't even make a descent stance. He tried with all of his might, but ball just got out onto the rough close by.

Again, with an awkward stance situation, he got it up to 1.5 meters to the pin, but he couldn't hole that bogey putt either. With this tragic double bogey, he has fallen down to 6 under total.
"I really wished I could close the deal by saving par, but I didn't have my A game today to begin with. I was barely managing it but all the bad parts came out at last."

His house is just 10-minute drive from the course.
"I must have thought about making the win on my hometown too much. Double bogey on the last hole ruined it. I might have lost the chance to win with that mistake."
He was making so many depressive sighs but gone home to reset for tomorrow.