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Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup Shishido Hills 2019

Pouring rain doesn't bother Thai's Gunn Charoenkul and he makes a charge with 65

Gunn Charoenkul from Thailand in on the roll both on the course and in his private life as well. He is on his 2nd year at Japan Tour and eager to follow the footsteps of his great respected hero, Prayad Marksaeng.

He gone out on the 1st tee group at 6:20 today. The play was suspended after his 9th hole but his rhythm didn't get interrupted with that break and he was able to make 12-meter birdie putt on the 10th hole, then followed by 2 more in a row.

The deep rough on this course is must avoid, so he says, "it puts us under pressure not to end up in the roughs, but I have practiced enough for it."

He had his game management set. On the long 17th hole, he ended up in the roughs on his tee shot but chose to play safely and laid up to the front of the pond. He saved his 4-meter par putt and gone away with no scar.

He smoothly played through the tough Shishido Hills in bad weather condition with no bogeys and finished with 6 under for the day.

"I dream is to play in contention for long time on Japan Tour."
Just like his home country hero Prayad Marksaeng. He came to Japan to follow in Prayad's footsteps. This is his 2nd season on the Tour, and much as his play, his great wife is main of fellow players conversation.

5 years ago, they were introduced by Gunn's elder professional player. They got married in March 18th this year. His wife has splendid career, she went to Tokyo International University, then worked in travel agency in Shibuya, then got back to Thailand to work at one of the Japanese Mega Bank's international branch.

She chose to quit her work and became, Gunn's caddy, manager, and wife. "I make reservations for the planes and hotels, do the translator and even do laundry."

Gunn has been saying that "whenever she caddies for him he plays well."
As he said, he has finished tied to 3rd, his best finish and also gained a ticket to the British Open.

"With my beloved wife along, I feel less pressure and I can play relaxed having her beside me."
Could the power of love might make magic and enables Gunn to grab the win on the 20th Anniversary event?