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Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup Shishido Hills 2019

Nothing could get in the way of the Order of Merit Champion Shugo?

Lightening, heavy rain, deep fog and unexpected accidents. None of these troublesome conditions couldn't get in the way of the Order of Merit Champion Shugo Ihahira today. He seemed to have no problem with any of the harsh conditions and smoothly played his 2nd Round.

Shugo heard the siren to call out the suspended play on the 18th green. The officials told Shugo they were about to blow the siren when he was getting ready to make the birdie attempt short game from front right side of the green.
He replied, "yes" then went on to make the shot. The ball couldn't find the bottom of the cup, but he olny left a tap in length.

"Today I was able to make all of my long birdie chances."
Bad weather condition didn't seem to bother him at all, as he made 10-meter on the 3rd.
He finished the round with 67, at the moment he is 2 shot behind the leader.

"I am glad that I was able to finish the 18 holes."

Shugo is planning to leave to his 2nd US Open on next Monday evening. He played 6 tournaments including the PGA Championship since May this year. He played 36-hole sectional on last Monday for the US Open. With these tight schedules he must be tired, and he is really thankful that he was able to finish his round today.

This morning unexpected accident also happened. His ace driver made a quire sound at the practice range. It might have a crack somewhere. He added the old buddy 1W that he was using 1 year and half ago just in case and took out the 3W.

"Actually on 12 holes I used the 1W, I chose to use the new one. It didn't quite feel perfectly, but it was in okay limit."

So many troubles but he is comfortably in the contention. Last year he finished 3rd, but he says, "I haven't been able to score well on the 3rd Round so I would like to play with care tomorrow."
He has been going to bed early at 9 pm. Well rested to aim for that first Major title.