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Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup Shishido Hills 2019

Imahira vs Horikawa. They have started to build their own Golden Era

Shugo Imahira made a miraculous 6-meter eagle on the 15th, but Mikumu also made 2-meter birdie putt in return. The battle between the 2 young guns was seesaw game. They started off with Mikumu having 4 shots lead. Shugo made several birdies and even an eagle but at the end, Shugo was behind with the same deficit.

"Today was Mikumu's day. His putting was hot, and I couldn't catch him."
Shugo praised his rival's first ever victory.

"From way back in junior days, Shugo was really good and walked way ahead of me."

Mikumu said that he felt he will never be a match to Shugo. But Shugo replies differently.
"Mikumu always controlled the ball great, and his irons shot are crisp and sticks dead to the target. His short game is getting better too."

Today was their 12th head to head battle and Shugo acknowledged his rival's rapid growth.

Shugo has earn the glorious Order of Merit title last year but doesn't own any champion title with "Japan" on it. So as far as Major champion title, Mikumu got it first.

After gaining this huge Major title, now with the confidence Mikumu called himself a Shugo's rival.

On Japan's LPGA Minami Katsu and Nasa Hataoka is making a great rivalry and they are said to be making a "golden era".
Shugo says, "I believe that we are doing quite well too."

"I continue to do my best, so my rivals won't catch up and go ahead of me."

Next week, both Shugo and Mikumu will be challenging the battle at US Open
It will be exciting to see the synergistic effect of the Shugo vs Mikumu rivalry at the Pebble Beach.