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Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup Shishido Hills 2019

Juvic Pagunsan makes his first Hole-in-one and gets 1-million-yen bonus

Juvic Pagunsan from Philippines was having hard time walking due to his injury, but a hole-in-one at the 3rd hole made him want to dance on his feet. His shot by 7 Iron landed 7 yards in front of the cup and was swallowed in. He was able to see the whole thing from the tee ground.

"It's my first time in Japan Tour!"
He was joyfully walking towards the green and suddenly his playing partners shouted to him saying "Look, Juvic!"
There he found that there is a bonus of 1 million yen for the Hole-in-one at this hole every day.

"Wow, I am so thankful, I will use it for my traveling fees."

Last summer Juvic injured his left heel and had tough time even to walk. Especially on the hilly ups and downs holes, he was 50 yards behind the other players since he couldn't walk fast enough. Due to that his shots were not consistent and is having tough time making his game.

Even with the grateful hole-in-one, he scored 4 over par for the Day 1.
"I better do well tomorrow" says Juvic with a good bonus in his hand, promised to do his best on Day 2 to stay in the tournament.