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Japan Golf Tour Championship Mori Building Cup Shishido Hills 2019

Ryo Ishikawa feels relieved with finishing the Day 1 with no pain

Ryo Ishikawa's 1st Round after being away from the tournament for a month was 73, 2 over par and sits at 62nd.
"I feel fine, no pain and I feel really relieved that today is over with not much of problem"

He has injured his back again at The Crowns of this season and had to withdraw on Day 2 before his start.
"I went through really tough times during the day I had to sit out from the tournaments due to my injury. I never want to go through that again."

At his starting hole many was so excited to see Ryo come back to the tournament and they cheered loudly and made him feel very nervous.
"I was haunted by bad feelings that my play might turn out terribly, but I was able to make par on the starting hole and when I got birdie on 2nd, I calmed down. I was able to make the turn in 2 under and show that I was back fine."

In his back nine, 4 bogeys got in his way and he ended with 2 over par, but he says, "at the course, which is not easy to make the score, I think my play today wasn't that bad."

He also mentioned that he had enough time to make the course management strategy while he was away from the games. His strategy worked. Here at Shishido, players are forced to make creative shots on every hole, and Ryo has decided not to use his Drivers on the wholes he cannot conquer with it and used his Irons instead. That worked out well today.

On his starting hole when all the eyes were on him, he chose to use his 2I for his tee shot. On 15th hole, his choice was 2I-6I-PW, only used Irons to manage the difficult hole.
"It was the first time for me choose to play like that."

Then on the 6 Par 5 with the yardage of 588, he chose to hit his driver from the fairway
"I think my strategy was suitable to this course. But I think it all went well because the land was dried and hard. What if the rains come? I don't know what to do."

For the next 2 days, the rainy forecast is told. Another problem will get in Ryo's way but he seems to be positive about it.
"Thanks to this tough course, I was able to think so much how to go around it and prepare for the task. I am thankful to the course that motivated me, and I must not give up yet."

Not only Ryo, but everyone waited for his return wish to see him come through with a good game tomorrow.