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Mitsui Sumitomo VISA Taiheiyo Masters 2019

Takumi Kanaya has made history by following the footsteps of his hero Hideki Matsuyama

Takumi Kanaya showed huge and flashy fist pump, much more dramatic then the one Hideki Matsuyama made 8 years ago, when Hideki became the 3rd amateur to win at the professional tournament.

"My body was moving automatically", said Takumi.
That great fist pump came out at the moment he made the 7-meter eagle putt to win at the professional tournament as an amateur, following the footsteps of his admiring hero.

Takumi Kanaya, 21 years old still Junior in college, has become the 4th amateur to win at the professional tournament.

Takumi started out with 1 shot lead, but one time, he was 2 shot behind chasing Shaun Norris. But Takumi's score of 65 made him total to 13 under, which was just enough to win against the fierce battle against Shaun Norris.

Takumi made bogeys on 7 and 9, which gave Shaun a chance to lead. Then another bogey at 11 game, 2 shot cushion for Shaun, but Takumi told himself "just do your best". That was done with a bounce back on 12.

On reachable 15th, Shaun had a trouble shot from the right-side trees but made it into a birdie chance instead. Takumi was so impressed by Shaun's play, but he himself made 10-meter on 16th, birdie 2 holes in a row.

On 17th, Shaun made a regretful bogey, which allowed Takumi to tie as co-leader into the final 18th, Par 5. Takumi chose 3W for tee shot and kept the fairway, but his 2nd shot from 220 yards out was a miss shot.
"The trajectory was lower than I expected, and I just wished that it would go over the waters, but it eventually ended great. I was lucky."

The ball rolled up and stopped on the same level as the pin. Takumi aggressively went for the eagle and it was dramatic ending with a huge energetic fist pump.

Massy Kuramoto in 1980, Ryo Ishikawa in 2007, and Hideki Matsuyama in 2011, followed by Takimi Kanaya.
"I remember clearly of Hideki's shot on 18th. I was watching it on TV. He was 50cm from the first cut, and he made the putt from the lake side. I still can't believe what I saw. Hideki told me to win at professional tournaments, I am so glad that I could report him a great news."

Hideki Matsuyama chose to turn Pro on his sophomore year and done both as a Pro and college student. Takumi was persuaded by Isao Aoki to turn Pro immediately, but he answered, "I still have 1 year left in college, and I would like to ask for advices before I make up my decision."