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Mitsui Sumitomo VISA Taiheiyo Masters 2019

Takumi Kayana became the 4th Amateur to win at the professional tournament

World's No.1 Ranking Amateur, Takumi Kanaya literally followed his admiring senior, Hideki Matsuyama's footsteps by becoming the 4th amateur to win at the professional tournament. Hideki has done it in 2011 as a Sophomore.

Takumi started out as the solo leader with 1 shot advantage against the field. He faced a fierce dead heat battle with Shaun Norris. Shaun took over the lead in the front nine and made the lead into 2 shots for Takumi to catch up.

Last 4 holes were really exciting to watch, as both birdied the 15 and 16. Even at the long birdie chances, if one makes, another would make it. They seemed to be having fun going head to head, as they praised one another for the great shots and putts.

But on 17, a big shock came upon Shaun as he made resentful bogey, on the other hand, Takumi saved Par. Now, they are Even, both at 11 under and the battle was coming to a dramatic climax.

On Final 18th, Shaun could only make a birdie, but Takumi miraculously made the 8-meter eagle putt and made a huge fist pump, which was bigger and flashy then the one his admiring senior, Hideki once made.

"I told myself to never give up until the very end, and that worked. Hideki told me to win at the professional tournament, so I am very happy that I could report him this great news."

If he makes his decision to turn to Pro at this moment, he is eligible to be in the JGTO tournaments from next week and on, but he has an amateur tournament scheduled next week and he will be hurrying his way to get to that game.

Hideki turned Pro on his final year in college after winning as an amateur on professional tournament. He kept on living his college life and Pro life at the same time. As for Takumi's timing for turning Pro, he answered, "I have 1 more year left in college, so would like to decide when to turn Pro after asking many advices".