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Top Cup Tokai Classic 2019

Ryo Ishikawa will challenge theLong Drive Contest to boost up the 50th Anniversary festivity

On Monday, Sept 30th, "Memorial Cup" celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Tokai Classic was held and past champions like Massy Kuramoto, Toshimitsu Izawa, Shingo Katayama and Ryo Ishikawa joined for a Pair Matchplay event.

On Wednesday's Pro-Am, Ryo was in the same group with an actor Haruhiko Kato from local Nagoya, and he also announced that he will join the challenge of the Long Drive Contest which will be held after every group holes out on Saturday.

Ryo told to the media not to write "Ryo will be showing of his powerful full swing" because he says "I am swinging full 100% already at the tournaments I can't swing more than I am doing already, so I don't want the fans to expect me to do an extraordinary swing at the contest. It will be as same as the ones at the tournaments. I think I drive best on the 1st tee at the tournaments. I wish that they would count that yardage for my entry to the contest instead."

This week, Ryo's World Ranking got within the top 100. He was at 110th last week, but he is now 99th. Hideki Matsuyama is at 28th, Shugo Imahira is at 64th and Rikuya Hoshino is at 98th, just 1 rank ahead of Ryo. Ryo sits in 4th place within Japanese players.
"I am really looking forward for this week's tournament"

The venue, Miyoshi CC is well known as one of the toughest course on the Tour. Ryo has won here in 2009. Now at No.1 on the Money Rankings, Ryo is eager to make his 2nd victory in Miyoshi and also excite the 50th Anniversary event with a dramatic showdown.