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Top Cup Tokai Classic 2019

Shugo Imahira makes great start again this week but desperate to make the win

Shugo Imahira was waiting inside the rest house by the 9th tee with Ho-Sung Choi, the dancing golfer "Tora-san" for their time to tee off.

Daylight time gets short from October, so the number of players to be in the field is lessen. This enables all the afternoon groups to start 1 way, and it allows them to take a break before the back nine.

So, this is a photo from that relax time that Shugo is spending with "Tora-san" sipping Japanese green tea together. They seemed to be laughing and enjoying the conversation but "Tora-san" doesn't speak Japanese well enough. Sometimes it is hard to understand what "Tora-san" is trying to say, but Shugo patiently tries to figure out what is fellow player wants to tell him.

Another fellow player in this group was Defending Champion Angelo Que, very friendly and talkative character.
"Angelo is really nice and funny person to be with, so I had lots of fun playing along with them today."

As Shugo stated that relaxed and fun atmosphere gave him a great round. He has gained the title of Order of Merit Champion with only 1 victory last year. He is eager to defend that title, and his goal for this season is to make 3 victories but is has none so far. He lost for the 3rd time last week by finishing 2nd.

"I really need to win soon. I am pretty desperate."

Last year's Order of Merit Champion is under very heavy pressure now.