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Top Cup Tokai Classic 2019

Ryo fought well but "The Favorite" scooped away the trophy on the Long Drive Contest

After the Round 3 of the Long Drive Contest was held to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of "Top Cup Token Classic". 10 players entered to show off their power for the big drives. Each had 2 chances and player with the less average yardage ranking up until last week's STATS went first. The distance was measured as long as it lands within the designated area even it ends in the roughs.

Rikuya Hoshino tried to prevent from missing his tempo and shortened his shaft for 1 inch and marked 323 yards but still couldn't beat Number 1. Last year's Order of Merit Champion Shugo Imahira made a full powered swing which all the other player said, "we never seen Shugo swing that much", but he was still at 6th with 317 yards.

Takahiro Hataji, who's Driving Distance Average is now at number 2 this season with 315.50 yards made a big mistake. He was working so hard to change his swing just for the Long Drive Contest, but he skied both of his chances and his record was 147 yards and finished at the bottom of the list.

It was held at 425 yards Par 4 1st hole, the hole goes to steep downhill from 290 yards point. It will be okay to hit into the roughs since it is within the designated area, but to get the most advantage from the shot all the players aimed to keep the fairways, but Ryo was the only one who kept it. Ryo recorded 333 yards, but it was not quite enough to beat "the favorite".

Chan Kim was the last one to hit, and his ball ended in the roughs but measured 346 yards and became the winner.
Ryo said, "I am in the fairways, but I lost to Chan Kim whose ball went into the roughs but beat me easily. This is shocking."

Right now, Chan Kim's Driving Distance STATS is number 1 with 319.44 yards. At the ceremony where Chan Kim received 500,000 yen, he joked that "Maybe I should become Long Drive professional instead. I changed my loft from usual 9 degrees to 7.5 for today. I could have hit ti longer, but I am happy with my results today and so happy that I was able to share this fun moments with many of the fans."

Result from the Long Drive Contest
No.1 Chan Kim (346yards)
No.2 Ryo Ishikawa (333yards)
No.3 Rikuya Hoshino (323yards)
No.4 Tomoyo Ikemura (319yards)
No.5 Tomoharu Otsuki (317yards)
No.6 Shugo Imahira (316yards)
No.7 Yosuke Tsukada (314yards)
No.8 Daijiro Izumida (311yards)
No.9 Ryutaro Nagano (289yards)
No.10 Takahiro Hataji (147yards)