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Japan Open Golf Championship 2019

Shugo has his goals set for the Major title and 2 weeks in a row victory with reaming 1.5 rounds

On the Day 3 of the Japan Golf Open Championship, leader Koki Shiomi had to play remaining 13 holes from Round 2 and also go on to play another 10 holes until sunset. On the other hand, Shugo came to the course in the afternoon and went out at 14:50 for his 3rd Round. He played for about 2.5 hours and came back to the club house again.

"I could only play half round today. I had not much of the trouble today, so I was able to plat without any stress. My shots were not so straight, but I was able to make good recovery shots."

On 8 th, he missed the 1-meter par putt and made bogey, but he bounced back with a 7-meter birdie putt on 9th. On 10th, he made a great bunker shot to 1-meter to the pin and the horn signal rang, but he made that par putt and came back to the club house.

Shugo has won his 1st victory at last week's Bridgestone Open, and with that prize, he jumped up on the top of the Money Rankings. He is eager to get the Major title on his list and also make the 2 weeks in a row victory.

Shugo will be chasing his high school senior, Koki Shiomi with 3 shots behind.
"Koki has been great senior to me. I haven't had the chance to be in same group with him since 2016 SEGA SAMMY's Final Round. I enjoyed playing with him today, we chatted and had fun."

There will be no reshuffling according to the score tomorrow for the Final Round, no matter what the results are after Round 3, which means Shugo will be in same group with Koki for the rest of Round 3 and also the Final Round.

"We have 1.5 rounds to play tomorrow, but since I am in good position now, I want to make charge on the first half so that I can go into the Final Round in greater position to aim for the win. I will do my best on the Final Round to achieve the Major title and 2 weeks in a row victory."