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Japan Open Golf Championship 2019

Adam Scott is back for his 2 years in a row appearance at Japan Open Golf Championship

Worldly known top player, Adam Scott is back in Japan again. He has won at the Masters in 2013 and became World's No.1 in 2014. Scott has 14 US PGA Tour victories and 9 more in EPGA. Now, Adam is ready to add another win on his record here in Japan. This will be his 2 years in a row appearance and his 5th in total to be in the field of Japan Open Golf Championship.

His first time at, in 2014 he finished at 38T in Chiba CC. In 2015 at solo 7th in Rokko Kokusai GC. In 2016 he missed the cut at Sayama GC, then last year he ended at 50T at Yokohama CC.

"Until last year, this tournament was after the US Tour season, so I lacked the sense of competition when I arrived here. I couldn't get my games back in top gear so I couldn't tackle the one of the most difficult courses in Japan. But this year, with scheduling changes, I am fit and ready to play competitive."

Adam didn't have any victory in 2018-2019 season, but he has 2 runner-up finishes.
"I was playing in the US tournaments until just 2 weeks ago. And I have been playing constantly well throughout the season."

This year's venue for the Japan Open Golf Championship is Koga GC, its total yardage is only 6768, but the roughs are deep and nasty, the hilly greens are very small, hard and slicky with potato chips like undulations.

"It will be tough challenge for every player to achieve GIR."
When Adam played the course on Tuesday's Pro-am, he used his 1W only once on the tee shots.
"This year's course is so tough. You must keep ball on the fairway with perfect iron shots."

Adam was happy to see his good friend Ryo Ishikawa again.
"I played on The Presidents Cup in 2008 and we have been friends since then. I am so happy for his success this season. I was surprised to see get physically big and well fit too."

Adam will also stay for ZOZO Championship scheduled next week, so he is excited about the Rugby World Cup going into the Final Stages.
"Other players are excited about the Rugby World Cup too. I am excited that Japan has made to the best 8. Also, on the weekend, my home country will be facing the match with England. I hope the Australia will keep on winning as long as I am in Japan."

Adam has been in Japan quite few times, but he has never been in Fukuoka Prefecture, but surprisingly he has old friend from high school days living in Fukuoka.
"I asked my friend to treat me this week", smiled Adam.