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Japan Open Golf Championship 2019

Tragical breakdown for Koki Shiomi crumbling down losing 9 shots on last 5 holes

This must be the horror of Koga GC. Koki Shiomi was the only player who started out the Final Round in red numbers. He made the turn in par play 36, and at one time he had 4 shots lead. But everything started to go wrong and he lost 9 shots on the final 5 holes. His back nine score was 43, totaling to 5 over and ended his Major at 10T instead of making his dream come true.

His Final Round seemed to be fine, he did have bogeys on 1 and 4, but made consecutive birdie on 6 and 7 to make it even. He did face some tough moments, but able to save par putts from 8 to 11.

Then on 13, he made 4-meter birdie chance to extend his lead to 4 shots. At this moment, it seemed like he was going runaway with the win. But literary "tragedy" happened right after.
"I never thought it would end like this."

Koki, who has never been in the winner's circle faced the trouble after trouble and couldn't survive them. On 14, his 2nd shot went over the green into the sand, and he took 2 shot to get it out, then he 2 putted for triple bogey.
"If I was able to play with my normal state of mind, I could have gone away with par, but I just couldn't think straight. I lost my temper, I guess."

He also made another triple bogey at the tough 17. There his concentration really got lost.
"I was trying to keep my patience, but I was getting caught in every trap that I knew I should avoid, but I just couldn't keep control. It was a total breakdown."

Last 18 was also a bogey, and he lost 9 shots on last 5 holes.
"This upsetting result happened because this course is really tough, but I think it's my fault that my game is not ready enough. I also was mentally beaten."

He closed his eye to hold in his pain. He was absolute leader until 13th hole.
"There is no meaning if you don't finish as a leader" said Koki, regretting this upsetting result.