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RIZAP KBC Augusta Golf Tournament 2019

Fukuoka soul food Ramen noodles might be the key for Rikuya Hoshino's 65 on Round 3

On his 4th try at Keya GC, 23 years old Rikuya Hoshino is getting the right touch to conqure the Korai greens. Keya GC is the only venue using the Korai green on the Tour and that is one factor that is making players hard to tackle the course.

But on Round 3 Rikuya Hoshino managed to play with 7 under 65.
"My strategy against the Korai greens worked. I added punch factor but taken a good follow through on the stroke in my putting. This worked"

It surely worked. Rikuya made 4 staright birdies from 4th hole. He also made an eagle on 13th, where he shot his second shot from 225 yards with 5I to the back-right side of the green, then made a 1-meter left to right putt.

At the after-round interview Rikuya started to talk about his favorite Fukuoka meals.
"Since Monday, the day I arrived, I have been having either Motsu-nabe (traditional Fukuoka soul food which is giblets cooked in a hot pot), or Ramen noodles (another Fukuoka soul food). But come to think of it, at the end of Motsu-nabe is also Ramen noodles, so I am eating Ramen noodles every day."

When he first came on to the Tour, he was worrying that he couldn't add his weight, but hearing what he is eating every day, worries us. But this Fukuoka soul food power might give him the chance to achieve his most wanted season's 2nd victory.