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RIZAP KBC Augusta Golf Tournament 2019

Ryo Ishikawa literary flies into the Round 1 of the tournament due to the relative's funeral

Heavy rain making the Kyushu area on disaster alert. Keya GC also suffered heavy rain and due to the bad course conditions, the start of the play was delayed for 4 hours. Which led for 69 players (23 groups) carry over few holes for tomorrow.

Ryo Ishikawa who has the chance to make 3 victories in a row record, 7th player to do so if accomplished, could only finish 11 holes today and has 7 left over holes tackle tomorrow.

Ryo has lost his mother-in-law last Thursday and had not decided whether he should play this week. He flew back on Sunday night right after his victory, went home to comfort his wife and family then flew in today, just 2 hours prior to his tee time.

So, with no practice round, Ryo is challenging the record of 3 victories in a row, which legendary Isao Aoki and Jumbo Ozaki plus 4 players have done.

"I has just lost very close member of the family and I know I should be with my family to support them."
As he mentioned, he is pushing himself to me professional and also act the role of Player's Chairman which he commits so much.

"Especially the players from Kyushu area and every other player must do their best and should try to make this tournament a success", commented Ryo. He himself is fighting his own feelings and trying to accomplish his obligations as well. He will restart his Round 1 at 8:00 am tomorrow from the 3rd Hole tee shot.